Why Weaver

Get a grip

Weaver is a solution that puts your data to use. Whether you are a one person company in need of a simple database, a PhD candidate using RDF, or a Data Engineer in charge of an enourmous data integration project, Weaver is there for you!

1. Free your data.

Files, databases, and apis, there are lots of sources of data. Each source needs a different approach. And the syntax of the result varies each time.

  • Bring all your data together.
  • Get rid of the different syntaxes.
  • Navigate your data intuitively.
  • Use powerfull queries.
  • Create new data based on what you have.

2. Untangle collaboration.

While designing something complex like a skyscraper or a submarine, participants create large amounts of data.

  • Track who added what to the most detailed level.
  • Use the git flow for reviewing data before it is accepted.
  • Clearly separate your data into groups.

3. Connect.

With Weaver we do not believe in locking you in. You need to be able to connect.

  • Use GraphQL to query your data.
  • Use Sparql to query your data.
  • Create automations to import and export.

4. Participate.

We are planning to release parts of Weaver as open source components. It will be possible to create add-ons too.

  • Contribute to the code, report bugs, request features.
  • Share automations you create.
  • Publish parts of your data.